New! 11/03/23. On Fire. A history of three major wildfires in the Santa Monica Mountains. 

New! 8/11/23 La Costa Beach's history reads like the script from a silent-era film: a Ponzi scheme, ersatz history complete with fake ruins, and a larger-than-life cast of characters. We'll travel back in time to 1929 full the full story.

NEW! 6/30/23 What's bugging you? Find out in the new Topanga New Times feature!

NEW! 5/19/23 The Bear Truth—less than 150 years ago, grizzlies roamed the Santa Monica Mountains. Read the story, here.

Don't miss The Coastwatchers, an old-fashioned serial story for all ages set in Malibu during WWII. The first chapter just debuted in the Topanga New Times. Look for new chapters monthly!

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Pumped: The Toxic History of South Coast Oil

Shipwrecked in Malibu: the Wreck of the St. Croix

William Pereira and Architect of Yesterday's the City of Tomorrow

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